High Rail Equipment - Highrail Equipment / Hi-Rail or Hy-Rail Equipment

High Rail Trucks, Trailers, Cranes, Rotary Dump Trucks, Bucket Trucks, Cement Trucks, Diggers & Bridge Inspection Equipment:

For custom equipment needs, visit TNT Equipment's website at www.hi-rail-custom-trucks.com/.

Welcome to TNT Equipment Sales & Rentals, Inc.

For over 21 years TNT Equipment has been specializing in high rail equipment and providing our clients with quality new and reconditioned high rail vehicles and other high rail equipment for rent, sell and lease. Our complete line of high rail utility maintenance vehicles is able to satisfy every high rail equipment requirement your line of work presents.
Our high rail equipment includes:

Hi-Rail Truck rental, sell or lease by TNT
  • high rail trucks and trailers,
  • high rail pickup trucks, 
  • high rail cranes,
  • rotary dump trucks,
  • high rail scissor lifts also known as roofing trucks or platform trucks,
  • high rail bucket trucks, reel loaders or underground reel loaders,
  • cement trucks or concrete mixer trucks.

TNT Equipment also offers high rail bridge inspection equipment such as bridge inspection trucks or tunnel inspection trucks, high rail diggers including Digger Derrick trucks.

Call us today at (856) 786-7754 and talk to one of our high rail equipment specialists about your needs for utility maintenance vehicles, trucks and rail road inspection trucks or rail gear.

You can also contact us here or via fax: (856) 786-7764.

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