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High Rail Trucks, Trailers, Cranes, Rotary Dump Trucks, Bucket Trucks, Cement Trucks, Diggers & Bridge Inspection Equipment:

For custom equipment needs, visit TNT Equipment's website at www.hi-rail-custom-trucks.com/.


TNT Equipment Sales & Rentals, Inc. is a South Jersey based firm that specializes in high rail and off rail equipment and custom-built utility maintenance vehicles. We have provided high rail and off rail equipment to Amtrak, NJ Transit, Metro North, SEPTA, Long Island Railroad, NY City Transit, Ground Zero, NJ Port Authority, NY Port Authority and many others.

Since 1988, TNT Equipment has supplied quality, custom-built and modified utility vehicles to major power utilities in the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, St. Lucia, Philippines or Nicaragua. Our utility maintenance vehicles are able to handle virtually any job requirements you may have.

Our custom-built vehicles are fabricated to exact customer's specifications and modified to provide the most efficient operating for a particular scope of work. We offer lease purchase options for sales and in house financing and the trucks sold are painted to your company's color scheme.

We ship equipment from convenient New Jersey and Miami ports.

Call us today at (856) 786-7754 to discuss your high rail and off rail equipment needs.

You can also contact us here or via fax: (856) 786-7764.

TNT Equipment Sales & Rentals, Inc.
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